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Get your installation and repair works done in the right manner by Deck Railing Guys. Our network of handpicked, licensed and insured local installation contracts is always ready to assist you with all services pertaining deck railing. Where you are looking for high quality materials. Qualified contractors and other deck railing options Deck Railing Guys is always prepared to lend a hand. Best of all we have flexible financing options for installation service and repair to cater for your project needs and budget.


Components of Deck railing

Posts; they are usually 4 by 4’’ or 6 by 6’’. The function of the posts is to carry out all the heavy duty work in keeping the deck railing upright, sturdy and safe. The posts can hold up traditional balusters or spindles, they also used to provide framework for a cable rail system or tempered glass panels. Balusters/ spindles/ cables; they are traditional pickets that run vertically along the deck railing; they are used for protection as well as defining the visual space. Cable railing has the advantage of not impending the surrounding view. Handrail; it runs across the top of the posts and balusters and is easily gripped or leaned on when looking over the side of the side of the deck or when walking down the stairways. You can also build a drink rail with a flat top by using a deck board handrail and this lets your guest set down their drink while still socializing and is a cheap addition to a deck. Post caps; finials sit on top of the posts and they add decorative touch that can coordinate with the architecture. They also give the posts a finished look. Many of our composite railing offer posts with lighting included can repeat the finials from elsewhere on the home for a continuous design


Types of Railing

We have different types of railing which have different architectural styles and each type comes with its own set of advantages.

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Deck Railing

Wood deck railing; wooden railing is among the simplest options and it is very flexible since our contractors can build something customized or mix and match premade pieces in order to get the perfect look. It is the cheapest type of deck railing; however the downside of wood is that it needs regular maintenance such as cleaning, staining and painting to stay in the right form and for continued good look, also all the curves and crevices of a railing can make it time-consuming to maintain.

Capped composite; it looks clean and fresh with very little ongoing maintenance. It is in the middle when it comes to price. We have many brands and you can find a style and color that with materials on your deck as well as the style of your home. One the common brand is the radiance rail line.

Metal deck railing; the most common are aluminum, galvanized steel and iron. Advantage of using metal balusters is that they have a slimmer profile than wood and composite and are less likely to block the view of the landscape beyond.

Tempered glass; it is a great option for landscapes with a lot of wind. It is convenient for coastal landscapes since they create a protected outdoor living space without blocking the view.

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